Our Activities

Kamala Gramya Bikash Samity

Free Medical Camp

We all know very well that health is our wealth. To protect this wealth we have to care for ourselves. We have been conducting the comprehensive Health Program since we established our organization. This includes free health check-ups and Medicine distribution, awareness campaigning through seminars, camps & rallies, and nutritional support. Besides treatment, we emphasize awareness camps to combat preventable diseases.

SHG Group & Skill Development Training

In developing countries like India, women have always been given a secondary status whether at home or in society. So for that reason capacity building in women through SHG formation and strengthening is very much needed, And we have taken the initiative. We also gave them training on some handcrafts and after getting trained they can also earn money by their skills. Providing employment to poor ladies by engaging them in cloth bag production, hand batik, etc.

Global Warming & Environment Awareness

Over the past few decades, we have faced and continue to face natural disasters. To avoid natural calamities, global warming, and environmental pollution our organization executed some programs to build up Environment Awareness. Environment Awareness Camps were held on 5th June as World Environment day through tree distribution among local people, our volunteers were given the awareness of how to protect the environment. Various trees, flowers & various medical plants distribute to the local people for Plantation.

Health Awareness

To make more aware the public in general, our organization arranged an awareness camp relating to Covid-19, pulse polio program, health issues, etc. Like each and every year, a blood donation Camp is arranged specially in the summer season this year also. The villagers, people are not so much aware of Covid, or any infectious diseases. With a view to making aware of safety, health-conscious, environment, etc. the society conducted a health awareness camp based on this matter.

Cultural Program

Sometimes cultural programs are presented in the villages with the help of the people of the villages where the children, youth participate and perform. Through this program, we can tie the people of that area together. KGBS also has organized many development programs where we made people aware, and education and knowledge are transmitted among them.