Kamala Gramya Bikash Samity
Join with us for Social Service
 our volunteer faculty
Trainer (Hand Batik) 
Basanti Das 
Sunanda Ghosh 
Computer Trainer

Rekha Jadav
Computer Trainer 
 What we do?

1.we organise, select and support rural women artisans for handicraft training,Marketing support, and providing Micro Loan supported with NABARD forming wshg and individual.
 2.we provide consultancy,training,and introduce to Registration and other statutory paper making guide for set up self employment project to  unemployed youth.

 3. we organize rural farmer who are engaged with dairy,poultry and goatary or piggery along with small farming for development of earning by training support with modern technology and modern marketing technique.   
 4.we encourage, support, and resque street children  for admitted to school and healthy life.
 5. we organise, cultivate, grading and support to form WSHG, JLG, and individually set up own business taking Micro credit Loan from Bank and Financial Institution.
6.we organise, promote, and execute youth and women festivals for development of sports and culture along with other philanthropic activity with in whole financial year.  

Nalini Tudu (Tailoring Trainer) 
Swarupa Mondal (Motivator) 

Supra Pandey
Kanthastitch Trainer