Kamala Gramya Bikash Samity
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Awareness camp for Disability Person 
Sports & Culture dev. Program 
Animal Husbandry 
 Past and ongoing Project of organisation
 The organisation is Basically engaged with income generation program in the area of rural women for development their livelihood and innovation.
In Birbhum district our volunteers are working to identify, perfect selection and need based community trainees at 4 Blocks of Birbhum District.
During the financial year 2007-08 we have been starting to survey, Training and support to set up their own  self-employment Business along with marketing support and at present 477  rural women artisans working with our organisation who are received their artisan card from DC(H) of GOI in financial year 2012-13.
some event and training Picture are Pasted 

 The present and ongoing project of organisation are:-

1. Entrepreneurship Dev. Program for urban inhabitant youth.

2.Milk preservation and animal husbandry for rural development.

3.Skilled development and income generation.

4. Health, environment & women awareness program.  

5.Digital Literacy & Computer training.

6.Handicraft & Rural artisan development program.

7.SHG, WSHG, And JLG  formation and development program.

8.Disability empowerment project.

9. Sports & Culture development program. 

Future Plan :-

The future Plan of organisation to set up a Dairy Farming organizing small farmers of Bolpur & Mayureswar II Block of Birbhum District forming FPO which amended scheme of GOI, 2013 of Companies ACT 1956.  
Awareness Camp for  Street Children
 Computer Literacy and software program. 
Agriculture Farming & Animal Husbandry. 

organised the street children and resque them and have sent to school.

Street Children Resque Program.